Cleaning for Mixed Grains

One of our premier products is our Prosper 3-Grain Forage Mixture. It is a mixture of oats, beardless wheat, and beardless barley. We can add triticale, peas, or any number of products at the customers request. Prosper is sold all over the western United States.

Our cleaning and conditioning plant allow us to clean individual species and store them in dedicated quadrants of our pre-mix tanks, then call from them at-will and create mixes with specific ratios. In addition to Prosper 3-Grain mixes, we clean and condition small grains for the following forage products:

  • Prosper Plus with Forage Peas
  • Prosper with Triticale (with spring varieties)
  • Prosper with Triticale (with winter varieties)
  • Fall Forage Blend
  • Custom Mixes

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